Happy Mother’s Day!

Posted May 9th, 2010 by Administrator

Last week I mentioned some great photos that Hala @ Muttropolis took of Mommy and me for the “Mommy & Me” Photo day.  And…. Here’s one of them! :-)
iPhone 002Daddy thinks that “Mommy and Me” are quite photogenic.  Mommy tries to deflect Daddy by often asking, “Isn’t your little boy the cutest puppy ever?” but Daddy usually follows up by asking me, “Isn’t your Mommy the most beautiful Mommy ever?”  :-)

Really, though, Mommy says she hates being in pictures, and only poses cos she loves to have pictures taken with me.  And Daddy says he doesn’t mind at all. :-D

Kathy and Hala went to Joann’s Fabric store to buy that make-shift backdrop and brought in the real pink tulips that you see in the photo.

The Fashion Island Muttropolis can get pretty busy and crowded, but Hala managed to get a nice little setup to take some really great photos.  Daddy even suggested that she set up her own website to showcase some of her work!  Hala, we’re still waiting….  ;-)

During this week, Mommy and Daddy (well, mostly Mommy), have been putting me on the treadmill regimen again.  I usually get walked for 12 minutes at 0.6 (Mommy) or 0.7 (Daddy) miles per hour, with a 1 minute cool-down.

I think the treadmill is really helping me, because this weekend, I walked most of the time at Fashion Island.  I couldn’t sit still in my stroller, and I kept wanting to jump out.  Of course, Mommy and Daddy have no complaints, cos walking is good for me.

Anyway, all they had to say was, “Oscar, ready to see Kathy at Muttropolis?” and I was on a mission to get some treats and started to strut past LensCrafters, round the corner at The Yard House, and passed the Daily Grill to meet up with my home-girls at Muttropolis.

Shortly after I arrived at Muttropolis, I met a really cute pup named Dino.  He looks like he’s got Tide-white socks on! :-)

edited IMG_1522
As you can see below, I was a bit shy and coy and hid behind Mommy.  I usually don’t like hip-hoppin’-energetic-whipper-snappers, but both Daddy and Mommy thought Dino was soo cute and wanted me to take some photos with him.

edited IMG_1519
Dino’s mom thinks that Dino’s part Jack Russell and part Doxie.  While I can smell a bit of the Jack Russell Terrier in him,  I’m not so sure about him being a Doxie!  Although, I thought he really was a cute pooch myself, and I’m really happy he didn’t have the Eau du Petstore on him.  :-)

edited IMG_1518
After a little while, I warmed up to Dino enough to greet him again.  You can see that I still needed my Mommy at my side for reassurance, though.  I dunno why, but I get the jitters around puppies for some reason.

edited IMG_1520That’s enough for this week.  Come back next week for an update on how Mommy’s been trying to get me to be the Mayor of some of our favorite stores using an iPhone app called Foursquare!  :-)

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