Doxie Social Saturday

Posted April 17th, 2010 by Administrator

If you’ve read any of my blog entries you know that I love to visit Kathy and Hala and get treats every weekend.  Today, though, was a special gathering of sociable Doxies at Muttropolis.

You can see Mommy holding me below while I try to sniff some baby Piebalds.  Being that Mommy and Daddy call me Puppy Pie, it probably would have been a good addition to the family to have sibling Puppy Piebalds, but Mommy knows that I like to be an only child.  :-Dedited IMG_1469 x 1800As some of you already know, I normally don’t care for Pugs and other Doxies, but today I met one that I somewhat liked.  Also, he knows this really cool trick.  He can actually “sneeze” on command!  His name is Joey.  Joey’s the white and gray dapple, second from the right in the photograph below.  He and his mommy live in Huntington Beach and occasionally visit Fashion Island – not like Mommy and Daddy and I do, which is every weekend! 

By the way, did you know that my Daddy’s the Mayor of Muttropolis @ Fashion Island on Four Square?!  :-Dedited IMG_1469 b x 1800As much as I love to meet other dogs, sometimes I just need a break.  As you can see below, I’m turning away so fast that my ears are a blur for even my Daddy’s speedy SLR!

edited IMG_1484 x 1800As Daddy was taking photos of us just outside Muttropolis, this rather spunky Pomeranian came up to my Daddy and stood up on his legs and just wouldn’t leave him alone until Daddy snapped a photo. 

And as soon Daddy’s shutter went off, so did the spunky Pomeranian.   It’s a good thing he didn’t stomp on my head as he was prancing off!edited IMG_1500 x 1800I have to say, those Puppy Piebalds are really cute! Mommy and Daddy say that if I weren’t so high maintenance, they’d consider getting a brother for me, but I just know that the truth is that they love spoiling just me.  :-)

Anyway, I’ve done enough blogging for today.  Here are some more photos of the Piebalds as I close my posting.  See you next week!

edited IMG_1498 x 1800edited IMG_1495 x 1800

edited IMG_1504 x 1800

edited IMG_1490 x 1800

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