Froggy Schnitzel goes Ribbit Ribbit!

Posted April 10th, 2010 by Administrator

Easter usually  conjures up images of Cadbury Chocolate Eggs, and Easter Bunnies clucking like chickens, but this year, I’m making a bold and new fashion statement!  Ribbit! edited IMG_1459Check me out in my Easter Froggy suit!  We took this photo last Saturday, the day before Easter.  Mommy and Daddy bought the Froggy Schnitzel Suit from my favorite store at Fashion Island — Muttropolis!  But the ears – we bought the ears at a local Petco near our house.

I wasn’t too happy about having to wear the suit during the day of the photo shoot, but as usual, the photographs were worth it.  It’s just that I’m not flashing my smile.  I look like I’m trying to show off Zoolander’s trademark Blue Steel look.  Serious.  Sexy.  Slightly Angry!  Grrrr.

Just the week before, I took this photograph with the official Fashion Island Easter Bunny.edited IMG_1410We always have to mind the rules of a very stern English woman (Daddy calls her Mary Poppins) whenever we take holiday photos at Fashion Island:

  • I can’t sit on Easter Bunny nor Santa Claus — Boo!
  • Just one photo only.

Fortunately, Daddy’s speedy SLR lets him take a dozen shots before Mary Poppins is even aware he’s broken rule #2! :-D

This is a peculiar Easter Bunny who happens to be afraid of even small dogs like me!  Last year, he actually crept away from me ‘cos he was so scared!  Now, he’d be good playing the role of a Scaredy-Cat-Chicken-Clucking Rabbit – Bok! Bok!

Even though Mommy likes to take yearly photos of me with Santa & the Easter Bunny, Daddy says his favorites are always the photos of just me and Mommy, like the photograph below.

edited IMG_1412Daddy took this picture right outside of the Easter Bunny photo booth.  He just had to point out to Mommy how my porky-chop leg was hanging over Mommy’s lap.  Thanks Dad. :-|

Well, I think I’ll close my posting with this special public service announcement: “Bunnies are to be appreciated for life, not just during Easter.  Please don’t impulsively buy bunnies because they’re so cute during that moment that you see them.”  :-)

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