Kissing Booth

Posted February 20th, 2010 by Administrator

Last weekend Muttropolis was hosting a Kissing Booth to help raise donations for the Irvine Animal Care Center.  Because it was for a very worthy cause, and because I love being a ham, I asked Mommy and Daddy to make a donation so that I could get my photo taken.

The photos were taken by Hala, who works at Muttropolis.  Daddy says Hala took some really nice photos and that she’s got great timing for capturing cute moments.  He says Hala’s going to be an up-and-coming photographer!

Here is one of the photos that Hala took of me.  I think the crop and timing is just perfect!  And the kisses on my neck give me goosy-bumps.  :-)


Here’s another one of me, sticking my tongue out ever-so-slightly.  Mommy loves it when I do that for pictures.


edited IMG_1393

In this photo, I’m “looking” in the direction that Mommy is, and so is the Babelicious Bulldog Beatrice.

You can see the entire Kissing Booth that Brittany’s dad made for the event.  Brittany works for Muttropolis, too, but maybe she and her dad should go into business making Kissing Booths instead!  ‘Cos this one looks really cute.  :-)

We couldn’t stay long last week, because we had to get going to a birthday party.  But I managed to see Kathy, my favorite friend at Muttropolis, scored a few treats, and got some great photos taken.  Not bad for a leisurely Saturday outing!  :-D

edited IMG_1392

By the way, as cute and photogenic as Beatrice the Babelicious Bulldog was, she just wasn’t my type, so, when she asked if she could friend me on DogBook, I said, “Sure, just look up Oscar.”  (TTFN!).  ;-)

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    Very cute!

    Always glad to see Oscar–looks like he had a good time