Days 2 & 3 — The Weekend After Diagnosis

Posted April 26th, 2009 by spammypie

Acronyms to be aware of:

ISU  – Iowa State University
IVIg – Intraveneous Immunoglobulin

This blog posting chronicles Oscar’s experience with SARDS.  To get caught up, please read Day 1’s entry by clicking here.

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One important thing we failed to mention on Day 1 was the immediate treatment that was prescribed for Oscar:  Heavy dosage of Prednisone, a steroid, and an antibiotic treatment of DoxyCycline.

The ophthalmologist at Eye Care for Animals suggested this course of treatment for a week, then suggested that we quickly decide on whether we will participate in the experimental treatment using human immunoglobulins.

We now continue on to Days 2 & 3….

As soon as we got home, we both got on the internet to research whatever we could find out about SARDs/IMR.  Hours later, after reading through countless articles of human SARDs we finally landed on this link from the Iowa State University (ISU).  Click here to read the press release.

After reading the ISU press release, we started to look for articles and websites containing the name “Sinisa Grozdanic”, the professor at ISU who is attributed to pioneering the treatment of SARDs/IMR using IVIg.  All significant articles and videos on YouTube all pointed back to Dr. Grozdanic’s research performed at ISU.

Having recognized that Dr. Grozdanic was the central figure around any and all significant information regarding SARDs/IMR, we decided to take a chance and write to him.

It was Friday night when we wrote to Dr. Grozdanic, and had described Oscar’s symptoms and diagnosis.  We thought it was a shot in the dark as our thoughts were “A professor who’s neck deep in research for the great good of all animals wouldn’t have the time for our queries.”  But we were trying to be hopeful, as we went to bed that night.

On Saturday morning, as soon as we woke up, we checked our emails, and as it turned out Dr. Grozdanic had in fact replied back to our email at around 1:30 AM his time.

We ended up writing emails back and forth, and we asked questions to clarify the differences between SARDs and IMR.

Additionally, we were provided publications and a power point presentation about the differences between SARDs and IMR.

That weekend we read and re-read the documents as much as we could, in order to better familiarize ourselves with the condition that Oscar was afflicted with.

Now that we were better educated, we had better and more intelligent questions for the ophthalmologists at Eye Care for Animals.

If you would like to access the files that we were provided, please email us via Oscar’s email link to the right of this blog.

By the conclusion of our blog postings on Oscar’s condition, we will have acquired and set up to share the documentation with everyone.  We’ll inform everyone when comes online.

Please visit us next Monday for Days 4-6.

One Response to “Days 2 & 3 — The Weekend After Diagnosis”

  1. Ray Santopietro

    Did Oscar have the immunoglobulin treatment? It was unclear if you decided to move forward with the experimental treatment or not. I would be interested in hearing because our Pug Luke is currently undergoing the treatment here in Las Vegas….he was diagnosed with SARDS yesterday after he went blind over the weekend….


    Ray and Jen