Right Said Fred

Posted December 20th, 2008 by puppypie

Back when I was just a teenager, I was a jet-setting model for some of the top canine fashion designers.

It wasn’t always easy posing still under the heat of the photography lamps, but I was a professional, and always delivered the look.

All my friends think it’s so fun being a glamorous model, but the photo shoots take hours sometimes and I’m always on stand-by, waiting for the photographer to review his images before he lets me go on a break, or lets me make my next wardrobe change.

I’m always embarassed to see this next photo, because I’m naturally shy and coy. ¬†Everyone says I’m the perfect Canine Klein model, but it’s hard imagining myself to be this perfectly beautiful sexy wiener, even if I’m wearing these tighty-whities.

I’m well beyond my modelling days now, but it’s great now and then to see photos of myself in my peak youthfulness. ¬†:-)

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